Doctor of Medicine

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external image Physician.gif

By Christopher, Melissa & Ja'Lainna
  • He could perform natural magically surgeries
  • He was the only one who could heal people
  • He would be placed in the middle-class
  • He would be helping people out if they are sick and feeling bad.
  • He didn't really interact with people unless he had to and he was particular about his body.
  • He would be a physician or surgeon today because doctor of medicine cures people. They can sense when someone is sick.
  • "He was dressed entirely in the bright red and blue, lined with taffeta and finest silk; and yet he was far from spending; he kept the money he gained in time of pestilence."
  • Paraphrased Prologue: There was once a Doctor of Medicine He was different from everyone else Particularly in medicine and surgery. He loved astronomy, And tended his patients at certain astrological times, since he knew “natural magic” He could tell when the planets were in order, using his imagination. He knew the causes of every problem, weather it was hot or cold, moist or dry And where it happened And what kind of person . He was a perfect doctor. He learned the cause of evil, He made sick people feel better. He had is medicines and drugs ready to help. He knew about ancient Aesculapius, Dioscorides and Rufus, too. Also about different Gods. He had a balanced diet, He didn’t eat anything unhealthy, Only things that was nourishing and digestible. He rarely read the Bible, And dressed entirely in bright red and blue, Lined with taffeta and fine silk, And yet he wasn’t free. He kept his money he gained in time of the plague. He adored Gold.
  • Lines 425-429 say his personality. He helped people feel better, and cure them from diseases.
  • Words that show his personality: friendship, perfect practitioner, ready, helped.
  • He thinks he is helpful, and cures people when they are sick.
  • Lines 425-429 show that Chaucer feels he is helpful.
  • Vocabulary
    • Engendered - Cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition).
    • Practitioner - A person actively engaged in a discipline, or profession, esp. medicine
    • Apothecaries - A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.
    • Superflous - Unnecessary
    • Pestilence - A fatal epidemic disease