Pardoner Prologue

Part One: Research questions

1. What specific occupation does your character practice?
A pardoner’s job was to travel around and forgive people of their sins. The pardoner was engaged in three major activities selling indulgences selling relics and preaching
2. What does the need for this occupation tell us about the time period?
That the time period needed alot of sins forgiven
3. What was his or her social standing?
Clergy class
4. What might your character’s day to day life be like?
Traveling to and from people and place to place
5. What details about this character does Chaucer not include?
The age.
6. What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why
A pardoner in the modern day would be a pastor of a church

Part Two: Text Examination

1. Paraphrase each line of the prologue describing your character.
He has hair yellow as wax, locks hung down over his shoulders, no hood, he rode bear headed except for his cap, staring eyes, voice thin as a goat, smooth face
2. Which lines in the prologue best describe your character’s physical appearance?
Line 692-best describes the character
3. Which lines describe his/her personality?
Line 674-Best describes personality. Loudly he sand, come hether, love to me.
4. Which specific words add to your understanding of the character’s personality?
line 710 Noble ecclesiastic

Part Three: Analysis 

  • He was the summoner’s friend and comrade
  • Specific words that describe his personality: Energetic, theif
  • What is the Chaucer’s opinion to the character: Thinks he's a cheap skate
  • What specific lines make him believe this: 705-710. Flattery and trickery.
  • What word choices require an understanding of vocabulary from the time period: Ecclesiastic-A priest or clergy man

Extra info

the church authorized individuals to collect the money
abuses indulgences were forged by criminals pardoners kept the money for themselves
pardons were sold to conmen
the role of the sacraments were subverted


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