Shipman:By: Jalen Singleton, Elias Powell, and Tracy St. Claire´╗┐´╗┐

Part One

  • His obvious occupation is a ship's captain

  • During this time period there was no such thing as a motorized boat and there was always ships around

  • Peasant Class

  • His every day life can consist of sailing the seas and restocking his ship

  • The details Chaucer doesn't include is if he has a social life, such as a family, or what he does to blow off steam

  • The modern day occupation our shipman would have could be a boat captain

Part Two

  • Summarization of Prologue

    • The shipman lived far in the west and came from Dartmouth
    • He rode a large nag
    • Kept a dagger hanging on a strap
    • He was tan from all the hot summers of sailing
    • "He was certainly a good fellow"
    • He had stolen wine while members of his ship were sleeping
    • Paid no mind to fussy conscience
    • A good fighter
    • And had a beard :)
  • Best described physical appearance

    • Line 396 saying he was tan

    • Line 408 saying he had a beard

Rough Picture
Rough Picture

  • Best described personality

    • Line 397, he was a good fellow
    • Line 400, he had paid no mind to fussy conscience
    • Line 401, if he fought he had the upper hand
    • Line 407, he was a hardy man
  • Specific words that add to his personality

    • Tan
    • Good
    • Draft
    • Fussy
    • Fought
    • Hardy

Part Three

  • Chaucer's opinion toward this characterLines/words describing this, line 397

    • Chaucer decided to give his opinion through the description of the character by saying he was a good fellow and that he has his skeleton's in his closet

  • Word choices that require an understanding of vocab

    • "He had drawn many a draft of wine while the merchant slept"

      • This just means that he has stolen wine while the merchant was sleeping
    • "He had paid no mind to fussy conscience"

      • Meaning that he didn't pay attention to men who didn't have a reason to fight
    • "Many a tempest had shaken his beard"

      • Tempest meaning storm, so this means that he has been roughed up by many storms on the sea

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